I just discovered today that you can now watch episodes of Heros with video commentary. The video portion is kind of overkill… we don’t need to see the exec producer assistants… and the picture size is the usual small stream, BUT it is freaking awesome to get this kind of content without having to buy the DVD.

To me, Heroes has been this year’s big TV success, and NBC has handled “growing the brand” surprisingly well.

In addition, if you survived the 3rd season Lost exodus (or even if you didn’t,) you really should be listening to the Official Lost Podcast. It’s not the synchronized commentary you get from Heros or Battlestar Galactica, but a rather irreverent conversation and question/answer session from the show runners (executive producer/writers) and short interviews with the actors. Although they rarely answer big questions, they do add some clarity, make promises, and keep me from taking the “mysteries” so seriously. It’s clear that they do have a clue where it is all going and are having far too much fun keeping it a secret.