Drive has cars going fast. In the first three episodes, they are supposedly to be going fast from the Florida Keys to Georgia. It’s pretty obvious it’s Southern California since the flora and fauna is of the “dirt with a few scrubby bushy things” rather than “crazed kudzu swampland with a baby alligator in the puddles” variety. The landscape isn’t important. Does anyone worry about the reality of the location filming in Cannonball Run? No, and you don’t mind here. I just wanted to get that point out of the way.

Even while it does lack Dom DeLuise, there are many element in Drive that are sadly missing in Cannonball Run like; good dialog, complex character development, the extensive use of Google Earth, an engrossing storyline which although enigmatic is logical, and sober actors acting. (more…)


If we were a Neilson Family this week… we would be contributing to the popularity of American Idol.

Thor says that it was Anya’s choice, but as spoiled as she is… I rarely let her choose her tv programs.

So, we are watching American Idol. There are so many good shows I have taped (from 6 episodes of the Office to the Masterpiece Theater Dracula) and we are watching American Idol.

It’s all Anya’s fault.

I meant to write something about this the day it happened, but then I told myself I had to go back and write reviews of all the episodes this season. That didn’t happen, so I waited this long to say anything.

For the most part I only write about shows I really love or are noteworthy. (Especially because I have this procrastination problem.) On one of the first episodes of House, House said, “I don’t have to watch the OC, but it makes me happy.” I have to agree. It just makes me happy.

I’ll miss the music, the clothes, the location (not really what I think of when I think of Orange County),but most of all, I’ll miss the writing. The OC is great, because it’s funny. I’ll miss that.

Now I can only hope that Josh Schwartz’s next show, which is supposed to be about priveledged people from the eyes of an unknown blogger, is as good as I’m imagining.

This episode aired in December. I watched it in January. You could take that as a sign that I really didn’t want to watch the show. Maybe I want to give it the respect that it deserves, maybe I was just too tired, maybe I knew deep down that I really couldn’t deal with the month long break and just knowing that I had an unwatched episode would make it all better.

When I finally watched it, I was glad I hadn’t watched it earlier… because it ended with “To Be Continued.”

I got caught up in the Bravo marathon of Friday Night Lights recently. (It is normally broadcast on NBC.) I can’t say I was surprised I liked it, since it is filmed in and around Austin and it had been getting very good reviews. I can say I was very impressed with it.


Hooray! Some of the cast actually pronounced Nevada correct. (the “…vad…” part sounds like dad, mad, or bad, not like jihad.) Strangely this included the Chinese interpreter girl as well as all the characters from Nevada. Not so strangely, everyone pronounced Pahrump correctly.


OK. If you had a friend who started telling you… “I’ve been having strange dreams for the past six months…” and went on to tell you she actually has this other person named Jessica who takes over and set up and framed her ex-husband… would you tell her, “No sweetie, your only one person. None of this is true!” or would you say something like. “Really? Is she the one who picked out that red tank top last week? Tell her it looked fabulous! And the thing with the hair… love it!”

Well, Niki’s friend chooses the former. (I think she’s nuts, the friend not Niki.)